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Default Re: Reasons Seattle will win are curious....

Seahawks fans....cmon don't play on us Steelers fans for puttin up stats and tell us it's all bout heart and blahblah. You guys have put up just as many stats of your own to make a case. Stats can be twisted any which way to make any team seem stronger and more dominant and you are right that stats don't affect actual behavior on da field. But if you want to talk about heart look at this Steelers team. I have never in my short life seen any team that has been so united and devoted to each other, their coach, and their city. In the Super Bowl both teams could be considered da rookies for different reasons but it comes to a team that has been workin their way towards this game for several years perfectin their play it comes out to da Steelers. Good for da seahawks for gettin this far. I was shocked at seein them come this far. My first thought when seein them play this year was "Da seahawks? When da f**k did they get good?" So respect for comin this far but we comin to bring some hurt. Just ask Peyton or Plummer if they are still sore. Good luck.

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