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Default Re: Reasons Seattle will win are curious....

Originally Posted by ZornToLargent
That is so weird, because the closer the game gets, we too feel like we are the team of destiny....and personally I can't wait to hear the excuses of why we won the game. It will be anything but credit to the Seahawks. The Steelers have not faced an offensive line or QB up to the caliber of the Seahawks yet this year either.....if you think you have, you have another thing coming this Sunday. Your QB will have to figure out a way to get into the end zone. We have the best red zone D in the league. And our QB is outstanding in the red zone too...there is no rattling Hasselbeck this year. Good luck trying.

Oh please. The Denver Broncos had one of the very best O-lines coming to that game....and they were eaten up. Seattle averaged 153.6 yards per game rushing this year....Denver averaged 158.7. Since Denver has Mike Anderson who was NOT MVP, we must conclude that Denver's O-line had MORE of an effect on their rushing game than did Seattle's. Therefore your statement that the Steelers have not faced an offensive line up to the caliber of the Seahawks yet this year is simply wrong. In fact, since the Steelers beat both Carson Palmer AND Peyton Manning....BOTH on the road, your assertion that the Steelers have not faced a QB up to the caliber of the Seahawks is also painfully incorrect.

You seem to believe that Seattle's redzone defense will somehow keep the Steelers out of the endzone. Problem is, Seattle's secondary has been mediocre all year. Seattle's defense finished the year ranked 17th in total defense and 25th in pass defense. Since they lead the league in sacks, this should be a troubling number for Seattle fans. Roethlisberger has shown over the past 3 games that the passing game has evolved for Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh's pass defense is so much improved over the first half of the season. A majority of their 12 sacks over the past 3 games must be credited as cover sacks. QB's have just not found open receivers and have ended up on their backsides as a result. The Steelers have allowed only 15 passing TD's all year. Therefore, the real question should be will Hasselback find the endzone at all.

How is Seattle shown its a team of destiny? What in the world makes you say this?
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