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Default Re: Ocho: "We're Going to the Playoffs"

Still don't understand the hype with the Bengals.

Their first round pick is Andre Smith, a guy whom skipped out on The Combine and was way overweight. I seriously LOL'd hard when they took the pick because I could see it coming a mile away. I'm sure he'll I can pretty confirm he's no Joe Thomas.

They can say what they want about Maulauga, but the fact that the Steelers, Patriots and Ravens three of the most compentant organizations didn't take him, says a hell of a lot about him.

The rest of the draft reads like they read it off of Mel Kipers Draft Board.

They have no ground game, and an okay air attack, Palmer is a good QB, and Chad Johnson while a bit of an idiot can be a good reciever, but I think they lost a great player when Housh left, and their defense, is okay but nothing spectular and sure not good enough to keep them within shouting distance of the Rats and the Steelers.

Their organization is a bit of a mess, Mike Brown makes Randy Lerner looks like he was the last name "Rooney", and the coaching staff I auctaulyl don't think as bad as percieved but I think is sort of hindered by the upper management a bit.

The Bengals missed the boat BIG TIME, 2005 could have probably have been the year to step in and make some noise in the playoffs. But we all know how that turned out.

It's pretty much a two team race in the North Right now between the Steelrs and the other team trying to BE the Steelers in the Rats.

And It'll be like that for maybe, maybe 1-2 years depending on how quickly mangini can get his act together with the Browns, or if the Ravens start to show their age moreso this year.
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