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Default Re: AFCN, who's gonna win it this year?

[QUOTE=hardwork]"is there anyway to keep hardwork from coming on this site"

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Nice. Right after the Super Bowl? Way to be on the bandwagon before anything on the line. Around here it is called hedging your bets. Once we kick you out of the SuperBowl contention, you will be gone cause you won't have enough 'smarts' to handle all the posts headed your way. To prove me wrong, one we have to win, yes I understand(i'm smarter than you), then two, if we do win, then stick around and answer all those posts about you losing the way we have. Its nice to think you're smarter, but to think you are classier is a joke.

Oh yeah, to stay on topic, Steelers still win the division. Baltimore not even a contender because now they have too many options for Boller.(Note this is called not hedging your bet and stepping out and making an educated prediction)
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