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Default Re: Want to see the new Cowboys Stadium? It'll cost you

Yeah, the NFL slapped Danny Snyder's wrist and told him charging to attend TC was a no-no. The way they shaped the rule was that if you charged attendance, then that meant other teams were allowed to send a scout to buy a ticket and watch. But if it was free, then other team's scout were not allowed to be in attendance at TC.

I never really fully understood that rule. I mean, how is it enforced? Do they ask people as they enter "are you a scout for another team?" Does security come over and escort people out who take too many pictures? You're telling me that another team's scout couldn't get in and watch and not be noticed?

On the other hand having attended many training camps, I don't see what other teams would gain by watching the public practices. This seems like one of those rules that has not kept pace with current technology. I could get away with videotaping the whole thing but I doubt I would find a buyer for the tape. There might have been something to be gained by a coach watching another team's training camp back in the 60's, but not now.
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