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Default Re: Jurevicius suing Browns over staph

Originally Posted by LVSteelersfan View Post
They should have changed their name to something besides the Browns when the league gifted them with a franchise for a second time. Their expansion team has been stinking up the league since they came back. Time to move that stinking franchise to LA where it should have gone to begin with.

And the day that happens, I will NEVER EVER support the NFL ever again and would make the point to boycott the league. I would go as far as to watch College Football exclusively during the fall and never even watch the Super Bowl

Cleveland is a great city that loves its football and a lot of people who have followed the team have dog like loyalty to the team . We live, breathe and die the sport, and have a massive WORLDWIDE fan base.

LA doesn't care about football and If it was given this current team the support would be similar to how most people support soccer in the US or the Florida Marlins in Miami.

It would also be PR suicide for the league, if they got rid of the team again, Browns fan would probably make 1995's protest and fight to keep the team in Cleveland look like a tea party.

We fought like mad to get our team back and keep our history and we are willing to do it as much as physically possible again, multiple times even.

Also what Modell did ranks amongst the worst things ever in sports, EVER, No one in Cleveland will ever forgive him no matter how he would apologize, he's a scumbag.

We have a crummy team but I will support that team until the day I die and so will anyone else who's a Browns Backer, LA can never offer that support and would crash and burn miserably.
Don't Blame Me, I don't have any control over the Browns.
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