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Default Re: Jurevicius suing Browns over staph

Originally Posted by AllD View Post
There was a cure mentioned in Popular Science a few months back for infections that do not react to antibiotics.

There is a remedy that was used during WWI in Europe which is more organic. My buddy has a similar problem after breaking an ankle and having infection problems directly related to the hospital. Also, they can get it under control with normal antibiotics and it remains dormant, but in order to have a complete recovery you risk restarting the infection. Hopefully the European cure will work for most. It is more cost effective than antibiotics, just not approved in the US yet.
That totally sucks about your buddy, AIID, but I can sympathize with him. I got a MRSA infection from a hospital and during my hospitalization last November for head surgery, I had to undergo a long series of treatments via 3 different IV antibiotics. When I was discharged, I had to continue those antibiotics at home via a port they had implanted in my arm. No one can guarantee that the infection won't return at some point, but for now, I'm clean. Your friend went through HELL and I hope he is doing much better.

Good for JJ in filing a lawsuit again the Browns organization (sorry Browns fans, but I would feel the same way had this happened to one of the Steelers). Staph infections can be quite serious if not discovered or left untreated and like MRSA, are highly contagious if active.

Do you have any more info on this European treatment? If so, could you please PM me? I would like to know more about it JIC. Thanks.

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