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Default Re: Prayers for my wife

Originally Posted by GBMelBlount View Post
Due to possible complications my wife is being moved to the ICU while we are awaiting test results. Your continued prayers and prayer chains are much needed and greatly appreciated.
Brother...I paused in my day to say a prayer for your wife before I posted this. Though I dont know the details of the situation, the Lord I will just ask again that HIS will be done in the lives of very special people.

Ode to my Friend

The problems of this world are large,
lifes trials so demanding.
I need a God beyond my ken,
beyond my understanding.

I've not the means to know each thread
within lifes knitted veil,
but He that works the Weavers wheel,
knows every strand so well.

So I lift my prayer to He who knows,
in He that loves His own.
I know full well He hears, He helps...
and to you my prayers are flown.

I leave the details to my God
and trust that in His grace,
He will hold you both within His arms,
in His healing, warm embrace.

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