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Default Re: 'Madden NFL 10': Five Things to Know

Originally Posted by Blitzburgh_Fever View Post
They have Collinsworth, who is annoying and pompous but does know his stuff. He actually does a pretty good job of making it feel like an actual game. The play-by-play is Tom Hammond, who is bad and should feel bad.

I consider myself a pretty consistent Madden player. Every year I take a new team, get rid of all their talent, and rebuild them. I'm on season 10 or 11 with my current team. I have a 777 Madden IQ rating.

One thing I hope they change is franchise mode. It needs a seriously overhaul. Not every guy I draft should stay with me for as long as I have cap room, which is easy because every single one of my backups are in the 70s and cheap as hell. If a guy goes down for a season, I just pull someone in from the FA and sign them to a 1 year deal. When structuring rookiee contracts, I pay them all of their contract with no guaranteed money, so if they suck I can release them without losing anything but the year-to-year rate. No player, especially a rookie, would agree to that.

I'm just hoping that you sim one week and have all this stuff to take care of, such as irate players or getting alerts that certain players are trash talking. Hell, it'd be awesome if you got an alert saying one of your players was caught with an illegal substance, and you could bench him to boost team discipline or play him to increase your chance of winning. I also want some presentation. Week-by-week there should be a recap of plays or an update on the QB that's having a mind blowing season. At least do it after 8 weeks in.

I want it to be more like I'm doing an actual franchise rather than be a numbers game.
I am with you on this. I enjoy the GM aspect of the franchise as much as the games themselves.
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