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Default Re: Skip Bayless... enough said

Despite the continued popularity of the Steeler with fans everywhere, there are still a lot of NFL forces that want people like Peyton Testeverde and Eli Dilfer in the SB. Look at how teh refs tried to screw the Steelers by calling Polamalu's obvious interception an incompletion.

Hey, if anybody should want the Steelers to have misery, it is a Browns fan, but enough crap is enough already.

I am telling you, if there are football gods, if there is any justice in the world, the Steelers will win this SB. Even in the glory days of Terry Bradshaw, who is the greatsest QB to ever play the game, it was the Cowboys who got the better media hype.

I am not going to use the F word, but you can apply it to these dumb bastidges who for some reason don't ever give credit to tough, old school style play.

Look, I am telling you something, mark my words, Wolford Brimely and his puke, seaweed vomit colored Seacawks are going to fall apart. The refs won't be able to help them and neither will the announcers.

I read an AP story today where Steeler fans are converging on Detriot like a plague. The stadium will be 75% Steeler fans and Seattle is going to crap their collective pants.

Trent Didofer "trained" Hesslesnots. Too funny.

5 sacks,
3 interceptions
Alexander goes out with exploded testicles.

The Steelers will POUND Seattle.

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