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Default Re: Pirates shuffle outfield in pair of deals...again

Originally Posted by SteelCityKing View Post

how can we continue to have faith in a team that doesn't even have any faith in their players and fans anymore?

how is this a good deal? the last place Nats losing two of their players for two stars on the rise!? how is that fair and what the f**k are the managers thinking on this one?

i liked Nyjer Morgan...a lot. Hinske was iffy, but he has potential. i just don't get why the Pirates organization keeps swapping players and not realizing they are slowly but surely losing fans...sad to say, like me.

this is almost as bad as McClouth being shipped off. =(
your putting to much faith in our players, Morgan is only a starter on a handful of teams, the Pirates and the Nationals among them. And i dont see how a 32 year old bench player still has 'potential'?

The only hate that we had to give up Sean Burnett in the deal. That leaves John Grabow as our only left handed relief pitcher and he has been far from his usually shutdown self.

Hanrahan doesnt have good numbers but i think a change of team will be good for him. He now isnt going to be required to get the big outs that the Nationals wanted him to get.

Sure it may look like on paper we have been getting screwed, but like any other sport baseball is played on the field not on paper. We got two solid baseball players in this trade
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