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Default Re: Pirates shuffle outfield in pair of deals...again

Now predictably, the, ahem, "geniuses" over on the Pirates website are all up in arms about the trade. It's like I said before - Pirates fans overvalue marginal talent just because "they're good guys" or because they're playing decently. But if you look at it from a pure baseball standpoint, this is a good trade for the Pirates. They dealt a 29-year old outfielder who has maxed out on his potential in Morgan and a serviceable left-handed reliever in Burnett for a 24-year old 5-tool player with potential in Milledge and a reliever with a good arm and upside in Hanrahan. I understand that Milledge has had character issues and he has been hurt this season, but if they can get this guy to play and act like a professional, and up to his potential, this will be an absolute steal of a trade for the Pirates, even if Hanrahan doesn't pan out like they hope. Morgan was going to lose his job within the next 2 years to younger and more talented players. Why not trade him now when his value is as high as it's going to get? Let's face it, on a good team he is a 4th outfielder, if he even makes it to the majors. Last year at this time, not one of those "geniuses" over there would have thought Morgan would ever be a decent major league player, and now they act like he's Jason Bay.
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