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Default Re: My trip to Gatlinburgh TN.

Originally Posted by Galax Steeler View Post
To make a long story short me and my seven year old son was walking on the streets of Gatlinburgh yesterday. I had a steeler hat on and a steeler shirt. My son had on a steeler shirt and this guy walks up and asked my son why he is wearing that shirt for and he told him they are the best and have six rings. The guy just looked at my son and said I know we are jealous. He was a titan fan.

With in two hours a girl walked up to me and asked me if I was from pittsburgh and I told her I had a brother who lived there and that I was from Virginia and she replied we are from Ohio and like the browns in a smart way. I just told her when they can beat us again come and talk to me and I said don't forget about the six rings we have as well. She seemed to be a little intoxicated she got mad and went on her way down the street.
Although its titan country, isn't the Gatlinburg area great. I hope you stayed in a cabin. I have been there several time and would like to hear about your trip in more detail.

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