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Default 8 ways to fix NFL

Saw this on

1. Leave OT the way it is. My feeling instead of rewarding a team an equal chance of winning in the extra time, continue to reward teams who get it done in regulation. Don't want the football gods to flip the coin in the other teams favor, then score or shut them down in the 4th. You get 60 minutes to make your case why you should win every game. Don't waste it.

2. Cut blocks need to be more penelized and defined. Just for safety sake. 25 years ago linemen wern't that big. They were I guess more flexible. Now they just can't get out of their own way. Protect the kicker? Protect the QB? Protect everyone.

3. Ground can't cause a fumble cause technically the play is done, I thought. Might as well say as long as a player puts the ball back through the hoop, the basket doesn't count.

4. I hate college football where a cb knows he is beat and your team could get a sure td, only to see the cb tackle the wr 10 yards off the line. 15 yards, line up do it again. No way. I'd rather take my chances with our d and let my wr's score.

5. one foot in. Lynn Swann was out of bounds and still got two in in the big game. Keep it the way it is.

6. I would settle on force outs. Go up and get the bad pass, then got to come down in the field. That keeps those jump balls and such under control. Also takes away the refs judgement call. I like this one.

7. no fair catches? Again, protect everyone(note even in the article its says with reason so they aren't too sure about this one)

8. color on 1st down line is great, cause when you have to watch games with no sound from across a crowded bar or such, it makes it so much easier to see what is going on.
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