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Default Re: 8 ways to fix NFL

1-I agree with him on OT.When the Steelers win the flip,and win the game,we all cheer.But when the Steelers lose the flip,and lose the game,we all bitch about how we "never got a chance".

However,it should be the lengh of 1 quarter.The teams exchange tries until one team outscores the other.It's played like a normall football game,kickoffs and everything.Only differance is that if they score a field goal,you have to score a TD to win.If you kick the field goal and make it,they get another shot.If you kick it and miss,you lose the game...even if the quarter isn't over.

2-I also agree with the cut-blocking rule.It has ended careers with 1 cut-block,and it has shortened careers.Everyone does it from time-to-time,but Denver seems to do it every run.

3-I think this rule should remain the same.When the player hits the ground,he's down.After a player is down,he cannot fumble until the next play.What's so hard to understand about that?

4-I think pass-interferance should be a 15-yarder (which is an auto first down) but not from the spot of the foul,from the spot of the down.

5-Don't change this rule.Two feet...T.O.,Randy Moss,and countless others can do it.It's not that hard.One foot is giving the offense too much leeway.

6-Force outs should be legal!Excuse me,but did the reciever get two feet down in bounds?Nope!So why give him the catch?It negates the two feet in bounds rule.

7-I like the fair catch.Why should a kick returner get smashed like that?Aren't they defensless when catching the football?Why should the recieving team get penalized because the player doesn't want to get his head knocked off?

8-The color-coded lines HELP THE TV VIEWER.I like them,it lets me know where the "line" is for the LOS and the first down.I especially like it when the TV is muted because of a phone call,or because I am at a resturant.

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