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Default Re: Jack Lambert drawing

Originally Posted by SteelCityKing View Post
that's dope as hell bro. i love it. =)

as an artist myself, i can say that is a nice piece of work man. but not to nitpick, but i want to see more detail in the mustache! haha! just kidding.

if anything, it needs more bold line work which would help with the contrast. but your matte work is nice. i love it.
I disagree.. it sounds like what you are suggesting is more along the lines of tattoo work.
To make a true artistic representation on paper, it's best to do away with lines altogether. Case in point-when you look at something that you are getting ready to draw, does it have a black outline around it? Of course not, nothing in life does.
To get the best contrast you have to look at what you want to draw & sometimes have to choose a different colored paper, or incorporate some sort of background that would allow you to show the white glove without an outline.
And don't sell yourself short on smooth paper-get something with a nice "tooth" that takes the pencil well.
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