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Default Re: Teams slow to re-sign ’05 draft picks

Originally Posted by mesaSteeler View Post
“If teams think that some of these guys are going to play on the restricted tenders, they’re kidding themselves,” another agent said.
Well, what else are they going to do? Sit out the whole year? OK, fine. It's not like that's going to improve their position one bit; they'll just lose out on a year of salary and wind up in essentially the same position anyway when they try to negotiate their big-money deal with someone in 2011. Just a bluff by the agents that everyone ought to be smart enough to call.

Even if Miller held out from a high RFA offer, I'd just take that as a sign that his agent was demanding a diva contract that we probably couldn't afford anyway, so it's time to forget about him and face the fact that he's gone. No one is irreplaceable.
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