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Default Re: The Great Debate: 'America's Team'

Originally Posted by RodWoodsonwasprettycool View Post
The Brownies could be argued for this as they sort of fit the criteria.

We have fans all across the country (and the world for that matter), and have fans show up to pretty much to all away games you'll fine someone decked out in Browns gear. See, the Cardinals or whenever the Browns play the Jags.

Also, a theory a lot of Browns fan have as to why we actually still got a couple of prime time games despite the 4-12 record was the amount of fans that turned in nationally to watch from our fanbase over other fanbases, something the NFL most have remembered looking at the ratings despite going 2-4 on primetime. :).

Sure we don't have many bandwagon fans like the Cowboys, Steelers, Raiders and Packers, but the fan base is spread out across the county and loyal as fans can be, and not only do they show up at Browns road games, they also show up to watch the Cavs and Tribe on the road if they play away.

And agreed with RoethlisBURGHer, this seems like nothing more than pure fluff put out by ESPN similiar to "Who's now" and other BS things the WWL has put out as of late.
i've met exactly one brown fan in person my entire 41 years of existence... and that guy was FROM cleveland .....and i only live 2-3 hrs away from ohio...
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