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Default 10 Toughest QB's of all time - Sirius

Some idiot on Sirius between 4-5pm yesterday gave his Top Ten toughest QB's of all time. Here are the names on his list:

Brett Favre (#1) I can buy into that one
Peyton Manning (#2) No way, no how
Troy Aikman
Roger Staubach
Johnny Unitas
George Blanda
Ah, NO
Dan Marino
Steve McNair (#3)
Definitely tough, but got 3rd on sympathy IMHO
John Elway (#10) I can agree with his inclusion, but should be much higher
Jim Kelly

Now I don't have a quarrel with some on this list like Favre or Elway or even Aikman, but Manning?? I am absolutely surprised Brady's name didn't show up.


He then goes on to say that the following two young guns may join this list of "toughest QB's" some day. Ready??

Philip Rivers
Eli Manning

WTF is he smoking? Eli tougher than Ben?? Not in this or the next lifetime. I can't wait for the NFL silly season to end and real football talk to start.
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