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Default Re: 10 Toughest QB's of all time - Sirius

Originally Posted by Steelers & I View Post
If his list is based solely on toughness, then I don't see how he was able to keep Bubby Brister out of his top 10. Bubby wasn't much of a QB but he was definitely a TOUGH S.O.B.
It was based on toughness, but at times, he would mention longevity as a critieria. What length of time has to do with toughness, I don't know. Blanda was on the list as I recall based on playing 26 years and 340 games. I guess he forgot most of those years and games were played as a kicker.

I probably would not haved picked Marino or Manning for the list simply because they didn't have to take 45 sacks a year like Ben does. He picked Marino because Dan wore so many pads on his body. Again, that's a flimsy reason to select someone as tough. One could say it shows a pain intolerance.

I was shocked that someone like Steve Young or Bradshaw were not on the list. I remember Terry being spiked in the head and still coming back in to play. Or how about Joe Montana? He doesn't come straight to mind when I think of tough, but he came back to play six weeks after back surgery. That's damn tough.

I always had respect for Roger Staubach, but I think his problem was lack of mobility. He couldn't get out of the way fast enough sometimes. When I think of tough, I think of Elway airplane spinning at the goal line in a desperate atempt to score. Roger was a statue and got pummeled.
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