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Default Re: 10 Toughest QB's of all time - Sirius

Originally Posted by tucker6 View Post
Some idiot on Sirius between 4-5pm yesterday gave his Top Ten toughest QB's of all time. Here are the names on his list:

Brett Favre (#1) I can buy into that one
Peyton Manning (#2) No way, no how
Troy Aikman
Roger Staubach
Johnny Unitas
George Blanda
Ah, NO
Dan Marino
Steve McNair (#3)
Definitely tough, but got 3rd on sympathy IMHO
John Elway (#10) I can agree with his inclusion, but should be much higher
Jim Kelly
For the next "young guys" I would have to add Big Ben and Rivers. River's has been one tough dude the last couple of seasons. Peyton has never missed a game due to injury, but I'm still not so sure he should be on this list.
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