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Default Re: Jack Lambert drawing

Originally Posted by SteelCityKing View Post
i wasn't really relating his drawing to tattoo work at all. all i was saying was to make his outlines bolder so his black and grey can contrast better. that's all. not all tattoos have black outlines either. the majority of them do because the art of ink in skin is a lot harder than ink on paper. it's better to have an outline to follow with tattoos because of the fact it's permanent. you want to keep it clean, smooth, and nice. but a lot of tattoos don't have outlines or they are outlined in pastel colors to give it a watercolor effect.

the picture is great the way it is, i was just giving him some contructive critism and just a little pointer. that's all.
I understand where you are coming from but to get more contrast in this case, with pencil I would suggest deeper shadows which would be a layering of a soft dark lead, & lighter highlights which could be achieved with lighter layers or a kneaded eraser. As for comparing tattoo art to pencil art as far as difficulty goes, I guess that would be relative to whomever is doing what & what their preference is. I could probably make a fortune doing tattoos but bleeding people tend to gross me out.
Hobbes, I'm sorry if I've hijacked your thread, you've done a great job & keep at it! (if you ever want to talk pencil art, send me a PM)
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