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Default Re: PSL Question

Heres what i have learned from various PSL holders...

Sometimes you are given the chance to upgrade your seats/etc.

As far as the PSL cost...I've been told for the license its around the $4-5K mark. Not including tickets of course. But that is a one time fee.

And yeah a lot of people out there who are selling their PSLs are charging HUGE amounts...i've seen some that for like 2 seats wanted like $30,000...i've seen some more but still...there were a couple people who were fair and just wanted to get what they paid for the PSLs and this years tickets/parking passes. Also make sure anyone you buy them from mentioned about going to the Steelers ticket office and taking care of things, because you do need to do that. If they make it sound like you pay the money and BAM its done, i wouldnt trust.

Hope this helps!
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