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Default Re: McFarlane NFL 2 Pack Roethlisberger/Holmes

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
...Too bad it isn't a 3-pak with the Harrison TD. It might not be a SB XLIII pak, as the SB logo isn't on their jerseys. Very strange on McF's part. Are we being dissed here?
I agree, without Harrison as trio this is not as good as it should've been. As 4 SB logos on their jerseys, they didn't have it on em neither when they released Troy & Matt figure set 4 SBXL. Though I don't know what they did with Giants SB figures or Colts SB figures.

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Yeah, those weren't even in road unis. No pretense at a SB memento there. But with these, they're sorta depicting the catch, although good customs I've seen blow these away.

And they still have that @#$%ed palmer kneebrace on Ben.
It's a 1 way of McFarlane is telling us they all should wear kneebraces.

Ben didn't have that black t-shirt thing hanging out from his jersey sleeves, & he also had black wristband. & Holmes was wearing long black sock thing 2, right?
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