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Default Re: Immaculate Redemption

I saw da story and I do realize it was amazin and wish all da colts fans would stop whinin how we got we just made a tackle at da right spot and your kicker was off....ain't our fault. It was an Immaculate Inter-Ben-tion (props on da name) and I'm proud of Ben for havin da balls not to be scared of gettin hurt and goin for da tackle. This whole year has been immaculate.....never has a 6th seed gone to da super bowl!!! We did it and we should be proud. One last thing, I'm glad to see girls here that are true Black n Gold Steelers fans. In da days of abercrombie, laguna beach, and paris hilton it's good to see some girls aren't afraid to get passionate over a football team. Props to you all. Peace.

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