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Default Re: Tim Lumber's Speaks Out!!

Originally Posted by Tim Lumber View Post
I stopped back to say all my friends here! I want to be honest, the past was a show! I actually now have respect for you Steeler fans. I dont like your team, but you are all cool with me.

I now want to be known as a professional writer, not some imitation nickle bagger! I apologize for the past. I now would like to see you Steeler fans extend your hand towards me as a token of forgiveness! I would like a apology from you fans also.

Its time to end this grudge and shake hands Pittsburgh! If you are the good guys as YOU claim, you will do this. If not, then I proven my point...I was the good guy all along!!
You'll get no such thing from this STEELERS Fan until you own up to your end of the deal, change your avatar, and maintain it as such! Then and only then will the thought cross my mind.

As Preacher stated, you came in here thumping your chest, lost a bet, and now come back here like a dog with it's tail between it's legs hoping that there some mercy in those that you have pathetically attempted to school.

And regardless of the outcome, you still don't prove any of your points. You were never a good guy. You were in here for a and you got one. The difference being that you never answered the bell after the first round. You kept making idiotic points, regurgitating past comments, and sounding more like an elementary school kid than an adult. As much as you want one, you won't get your but I'm sure there's a long line of indivduals that want to

I would agree with Preacher, you need to make posts that are relevant and contribute to this site. I see that happening - NOT!


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