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Default Re: Tim Lumber Speaks Out!!

Originally Posted by Tim Lumber View Post
Send me the avitar by e-mail and I will let you know if I will use it. I am covering teams in baltimore, and on my way to getting respect! I will show you my real work. I would like this website to set up a direct link with my another website automatically posts my stories once I put a story up at NSR. I would like this site to post al my new NSR stories. YOU will see how professional and great I am! I am a new man, I want to be the best, in order to do that, I have to stay out of trouble on the internet. Im glad to see you Steeler fans are TEARY EYED my message has made your eyes watery! That proves your not a bunch of animals like other NFL towns claim you are! Put your hands out...its time to be a man and end this grudge! Send me the avitar by e-mail! Talk to yous later....from Mr. Tim Lumber
I dont rightly give a crap what other NFL towns think of me or my Steeler brethren. We are the best franchise in NFL history and nothing can change that. Thats how I see it and I am damn glad I am a Steeler fan and feel sorry for any poor sap who isnt...
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