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Default Re: Tim Lumber Speaks Out!!

Originally Posted by Tim Lumber
I stopped back to say all my friends here!

I want to be honest, the past was a show!

I now want to be known as a professional writer, not some imitation nickle bagger!
X 2

....I would like a apology from you fans also.
I'm sorry you're a dumbass.

Its time to end this grudge and shake hands Pittsburgh! If you are the good guys as YOU claim, you will do this. If not, then I proven my point...I was the good guy all along
Your past IS the problem Einstein....start acting like a human THAN look for the hand of friendship

Send me the avitar by e-mail and I will let you know if I will use it.
Should of had someone who is literate, read the fine print to you.

I would like this website to set up a direct link with my another website automatically posts my stories once I put a story up at NSR. I would like this site to post al my new NSR stories.

I hope those flying pigs dont freeze in Hell.
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