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Default Re: Give Ben some love

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
about 14,000 yds (almost broke marino's single season record w/5000 last year) and 88 tds in the last 3 years alone.

always right around 65% comp and 95.0 passer rating.

i still take ben, but i think brees is slightly underrated and an afterthought when it comes to talking about the leagues best since he hasnt been to a superbowl.
I totally agree with you on Brees. He's a pretty darned good QB, but really has nothing to show for his efforts that would put him in the "Best QB Category".

Though Ben has 2 rings and almost assuredly will have several more before he hangs up his cleats one day, I don't believe he has totally seen his potential yet and thus, hasn't reached his peak (which to us Steelers fans gets the blood pumpin' but to other teams, kind of scary). Because I believe he can reach the top plateau as the league's top QB one day very soon, I gave him my vote.

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