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Default Re: End zone and aisle seats Debate

aisle seats suck in my opinion. your are constantly letting people in and out. my seats are 12/13 which is middle of the row and i love it. last year i sat in section 523 row b (end zone) for the cowboys game as we had to do some ticket swapping. they were nice and close and we were out on the overhang of the north club seats. i have sat in almost every corner of the place and still like my seats the best. the only tuing better was getting to sit in a luxury box years ago. now that was sweet. getting back to the dallas game, when deshea intercepted glamour boy it looked like he ran 75 yards from where we were sitting. i didn't mind sitting there but i will gladly take my seats on the steelers side 20 yard line undercover middle of the row and no interuptions.
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