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Default Re: End zone and aisle seats Debate

Depends...are you the type of person who needs to get up every so often (bathroom, food, drink, etc)? Or just a couple times a game? Also do you like being crammed in between people or be on the end where theres nobody? Those are the main questions i would answer as far as the asile vs. middle type thing. I kinda like asile so im not smashed between people...but yeah it does suck getting up and down so much. But like i said ask yourself those questions and you'll find the answer.

As far as endzone seating, out of all the games i've went to over the last 5 years (quite a few), all but like 3 games have been in the upper endzone section. You can see the whole field and everything going on at either end...if you prefer to watch the tron thats fine, but its not a must. Not a bad seat in the house remember!
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