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Default Re: Tips to live through the Dog Pound!

Originally Posted by SteelCityKing View Post
doesn't that suck when a beloved family member is a fan of another team!? it's almost like they aren't even your REAL family. like you were adopted my Hungarian gypsies and they have no clue what football is all about! haha!

my mother is a die hard Steelers fan and she LOVES Troy Polamalu. my brother, he lieks any player who is up and coming and hot right now. he's a fairweather flash in the pan fan. he had a Michael Vick, LaDanian Tomlinson, Reggie Bush, and Terrell Owens jersey. he loved all of those players because at one point they were good. it drove me nuts because all he would do is talk smack about the Steelers. to this day i am convinced he's not really my brother but an evil cyborg sent to destroy all Steelers fans one at a time.

good luck out there, bro. you'll need it. haha!

Funny you should mention Hungarian gypsies. It just so happens that that's where my Brownie loving father is from!!!! HAHA. As for my brother, he is a NINERS fan. Not sure where that came from.
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