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Default Re: Ray Lewis Touts McNair as Jesus

Originally Posted by Stover4Prez View Post
I don't see the problem with what Ray said. He didn't say McNair WAS Jesus, he said he sacrificed, much like Jesus did. He was a close friend and spoke to celbrate the good things that Steve did in life. There will be plenty of time in the future to analyze more of the situation or criticize some of his decisions, but not when the man is lying in front of you at a funeral. I found Ray's words to be very uplifting to Steve's children most of all. And at this point, they are the ones that need the most support. Would you talk bad about a friend who was killed doing something stupid? I think not.
No....I wouldnt make a comparison between my best friend and Christ ..even in front of my best friends kids. I would bring up Christ but only in the correct perspective

I would say that my friend was wonderfully human...faced the same temptations that we all face...failed at some... but excelled at others. I would say that his life was typical of the life that we ALL face...and like my friend I am glad that I dont HAVE to be perfect because I believe that Jesus was perfect.... and He took my place so that I dont have to pay for the times I failed.

The "honorable" Rev. Lewis is a idiot...and a hypocritical phoney.
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