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Default Re: Ray Lewis Touts McNair as Jesus

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post you Rats fans have ANY shame? Is there NOTHING stabbit Ray can do, no new low that he can sink to that you WON'T blindly defend?

McNair is a POS as a human. Ray is a POS as a human. They will both rot in Hell for their mortal sins (and I'm not even a religious person, so DON'T try and go there!).

Christ, guys, this is ridiculous. It's an incredibly stupid thing to say and an insult to everyone anywhere who strives to live by a moral's indefensible so just STOP already!
Ray was making a speech in front of McNair's family and friends, and Lewis wanted to honor Steve to the best of his ability.

Obviously Ray got caught up in the moment, but his intentions were genuine.

To judge Steve without knowing the entire story is foolish. I think that it was shameful for McNair to cheat on his wife as well, but I don't even know 1% of what actually happened, so I won't pass judgment.
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