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Default Re: Ray Lewis Touts McNair as Jesus

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
Ray Lewis is NOT a devout Christian, please don't try to pass that off here because we're not wearing purple colored glasses like some.

Ray Lewis is a scumbag. He should be sitting in jail right now, not playing pro football making millions.

Steve McNair made none of the sacrifices that Jesus Christ made. Last I checked, he died because he's a chronic adulterer (is that even a word?), he didn't die to forgive my sins or anyone else's...he dies because of his sins.
How do you know that Ray is NOT a devout Christian? Do you go to church with him? Have you been to his house and talked to him? Perhaps you have been to some of his charity events and seen him being a jerk. I would love to hear these stories.

And he should be sitting in jail based on what? That no witness when questioned in court could say that he hit, kicked or stabbed anyone that night? Except a con artist who was working a deal to make his sentence less? Were you at the club that night?

And Ray and no point said Steve died for your sins. He said he sacrificed, worked hard, played hurt and was a warrior who "sacrificed" for his children. Now that argument can be played out and I completely agree that if you love your kids you shouldn't be hooking up with a crazy chick who just bought a gun! No doubt. But as much as everyone wants to say the Steeler hatred of Ray (and apparently Steve) has slanted your opinion of these comments as well. I didn't particularly like McNair, will never forgive him for HIS loss against Indy in the playoffs, and didn't think he was a great QB. But I would never wish his friends and family to bad mouth him at his funeral.
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