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Default Re: Ray Lewis Touts McNair as Jesus

Originally Posted by Stover4Prez View Post
How do you know that Ray is NOT a devout Christian? Do you go to church with him? Have you been to his house and talked to him? Perhaps you have been to some of his charity events and seen him being a jerk. I would love to hear these stories.

And he should be sitting in jail based on what? That no witness when questioned in court could say that he hit, kicked or stabbed anyone that night? Except a con artist who was working a deal to make his sentence less? Were you at the club that night?

And Ray and no point said Steve died for your sins. He said he sacrificed, worked hard, played hurt and was a warrior who "sacrificed" for his children. Now that argument can be played out and I completely agree that if you love your kids you shouldn't be hooking up with a crazy chick who just bought a gun! No doubt. But as much as everyone wants to say the Steeler hatred of Ray (and apparently Steve) has slanted your opinion of these comments as well. I didn't particularly like McNair, will never forgive him for HIS loss against Indy in the playoffs, and didn't think he was a great QB. But I would never wish his friends and family to bad mouth him at his funeral.
A devout Christian wouldn't use the language that he uses on the football field for one. Giving to charity, going to church doesn't make someone a devout Christian. He does have some good qualities, but IMO, I would not call him a devout Christian. A believer, yeah. I would put him in the same category as myself. But a devout Christian, no way.

He witnessed a murder in progress and didn't alert the authorities. That is accessory to murder. He got off with some misdemeanor for his testimony which failed to put the people who actually did kill the two men in jail.

As for McNair, I liked him as a football player. I loved his toughness and grit on the football field. I hated playing him, because he was so damn good. He wasn't a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady skirt wearing QB, McNair was a football player QB.

However, I don't want to hear about how he sacrificed for his family. Any father worth a shit as a dad sacrifices for his family. Yeah he suffered a lot of injuries playing football, but it comes with the job description. People don't go praising police officers, construction workers, and other normal Joe people with normal Joe jobs because they do something that is dangerous. McNair wasn't going to get shot by someone on the football field, he wasn't going to fall off of a tall building in his profession. He was payed MILLIONS to play a game for goodness sakes. Don't give me sacrifice garbage because he got a lot of bumps and bruises playing football.

He didn't get shot trying to save a kid from a stray bullet fired by someone in the ghetto. He got shot because the woman he was cheating on his wife with thought he was cheating on her, and honestly he probably was.

Yes, his death was a tragedy. Nobody deserves to be murdered (unless they themselves have committed murder, and the punishment is the death sentence). But his decisions lead to his death. While I do feel bad about it and wish it never happened, I can step back and see that he brought this on himself.

And yes, I realize that when you eulogize someone you don't talk trash about them. But Ray Lewis took that to the opposite end if the spectrum. He took that concept too far. If you cannot see that, then maybe you need to get over your man crush on Ray Lewis...and until you do...don't go telling any Steelers fan on this message board to step back from their hatred/strong dislike of Ray Lewis or any Ravens player.

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