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Default Re: Ray Lewis Touts McNair as Jesus

Ray copped a plea...he turned state's witness. He WAS charged with murder and aggravated assault. Bear in mind, this case was going to trial, and was bound over because there was enough initial evidence that he was guilty. He COPPED A DEAL, which is NOT the same as innocence.

To refresh some people's recollections, when Ray was initially questioned, he LIED and said he was only a witness, and didn't even know thew two guys he later sent up the river. What's worse, he was granted IMMUNITY for his testimony, and the most nefarious aspect of the case was all the people who CHANGED THEIR TESTIMONY when questioned by the prosecution, I mean people who literally initially said they saw Ray fighting, outside the limo, saw him with a knife, etc, etc later just completely backtracked and said he was just trying to get people in the limo. Yeah, talks, baby...

If you're a blind lemming, an unquestioning nuthugger of this murdering thug, fine, but the facts are the facts and most of know what REALLY happened.

So we have a murderer calling a chronic repeat adulterer "Jesus-like" and that is something rotten in Denmark in most sane and rational people's books...
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