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Default Re: Ray Lewis Touts McNair as Jesus

Originally Posted by Stover4Prez View Post
How do you know that Ray is NOT a devout Christian? Do you go to church with him? Have you been to his house and talked to him? Perhaps you have been to some of his charity events and seen him being a jerk. I would love to hear these stories.


okey is a story from SI about the "Honorable" Rev. Lewis...who was behind the pulpit at a church event..

Lewis is telling the crowd. "Even though I was persecuted, crucified.... Am I O.K.?

“Every time I step on the football field, He's prepared a table for me in the presence of my enemy!" Lewis says, and now he's jeering. "And every time they think they want to say something to me? Every time they think they want to boo me? They have to pay--to come see me."

And it's over. (Pastor) Bryant steps toward him, reaches for the microphone, but Lewis is too far gone. He flings the mike down, and it hits the stage with a reverberating thunk. God's linebacker stalks away, certain he's feeling nothing but grace.

You wanted a public event in which he is being a hypocritical jerk? There ya go...arrogance and repentence NEVER go hand in hand
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