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Default Re: Romo Dumps Jessica

Originally Posted by RodWoodsonwasprettycool View Post
Yeah a guy who makes $12,886,600 a year, who gets to live in mansions all of his life and drive fancy cars, stay in fancy hotels and date any super hot celebrity on the planet, and gets to play the greatest game on good green earth as a career and then following that with possible good advice on how to invest never have to work another day in his life

Yup, Grade A loser right here..Wouldn't want to trade lives with that guy for a mill-sec.

He's a loser on the football field. I think that's what he meant. For all of that fame and fortune, what exactly has he done? He's lost every big game he's ever played in, and is easily the most overhyped and overrated QB in the league. How is it that that a guy like Drew Brees gets less pub than this guy? How does BEN get less pub than this guy? I mean, all Ben has done is win 2 titles in 4 years, and yet, he still has to prove himself in the eyes of the idiots in the media. Please. Call me when Homo does something other than choke when the game/season is on the line.
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