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Originally Posted by T.Richardson View Post
I know im probably going to get dirty looks, like SteelCityKings avatar, but...

I like Tomlin as a coach much better than Cowher. Tomlin got his first superbowl win in what? 2 years? IT took Cowher almost 15 years? SO yea, I say Tomlin>Cowher right now.
Originally Posted by BlastFurnace View Post
Give Cowher a QB like Ben for the first 10 years of his coaching tenure, and we have 3 or 4 more rings.
But that is the point. Cowher did not put the emphasis on QB that was needed. His emphasis was on the run game. As long as you had the dominant RB and Running game line, he thought you only needed an average QB to hand the ball off and throw it once in a while.

He himself admits that it was Tommy Maddox that finally changed his mind, that he saw what the pass game could do... though he got "enamored" with it. That is why they went back to the run in 04.

It wasn't until 05, 13 years after he started, that he finally figured out a balanced game win's SB's, and for that, you need at LEAST a pretty good QB.

Furthermore, he was a coach that would stick with players, and motivate them beyond their ability seemingly. Tomlin on the other hand, cares more about the ability and will put the best players out there regardless.

They both were tough disciplinarians . . . I think Holmes sits against the Giants no matter who coached last year.

All in all, I think as it sits now, i have to give the edge to Tomlin. And I LOVED Cowher, so that kinda surprises me.

Matter of facyt, i saw the water-boy again last night on TV, and loved Cowher sitting in the stands in the black and gold.
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