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Default Re: Penn State Football Thread

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Ha-ha...sorry, chuckles...not going anywhere. You on the other hand...

Mostly what you do is insult people. You were already banned once, and you'll be banned again. I took you off ignore because I want to see how it is exactly that you get yourself done in this time.

Anyways, like I said, Penn State does it the right way, by recruiting their own in-state talent. Your in-depth analysis and cutting edge knowledge on the subject, is, as always, staggering...

Staggeringly empty and stupid.
alright dude, i want to call a truce with you

I really dont hate Ohio State at all just sick of you pimping them so much

back on topic, Ohio and PA are a hotbed for great recruits. Those 2 states along with texas, florida and cali are the tops by far
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