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Default Re: Ray Lewis Touts McNair as Jesus

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
As much as you state that we don't know for sure that he did kill a person, you can not stand here this today claiming 100% knowledge that he did not kill anyone either.

Let's face it, the story is murky at best. There are only a few people who know the truth and since it's been through the judicial system I don't see anyone really coming forth with the truth. But this late in the game would it be believable.

And to be honest, it's not on my top list of questions to ask Jesus when I get to heaven!
That's patently false. I have been for ousting of troubled players for a long time. When Bam Morris got caught with a trunk full of weed, see ya Bam! And that was just weed (which was clearly for sale). I was all for Dookie getting dumped, because he was repeatedly beating his chick up. Harrison was a gray area, and when I saw that the Steelers didn't dump him I knew it was an isolated incident. Same with Santo Holmes.

I don't give an eff WHO it was, if a Steeler had been an accessory to murder (or worse), or got caught dealing coke, I'd advocate cutting them immediately. It's not the Steelers way to keep human garbage on the roster.

As for Lewis, I've said my piece...but when SEVERAL witnesses change their testimony, even shocking the prosecutor when they do it? C'mon man, open your eyes!
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