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Default Re: Suggs signs $63M deal

Originally Posted by Ravnet View Post
You lost all credibility by putting “the Browns” and “well established” in the same sentence.

The Ravens are only a stolen franchise because the Colts were stolen from us.
And you continue to show your ignorance as you fail to recognize the organization that you stole was a well established organization. They had an ownership (however terrible he was with finances) that had been in place for a while as well as a complete team that had played together for years (or at least every bit as much as any other organization in the NFL team.)

I could care less about your whiney-assed Colts leaving you. Attendance (or the lack thereof) was a huge reason for leaving. The stadium was an issue...but so was ours...and yet we sold out game after game (and if we didn't sell out, it was still close.)

You are talking about two completely different scenarios.
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