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Default Re: Congratulations fansince'76!

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
Thanks. I got mine for $175,000, which was an absolute steal for the location, condition it's in and the square footage (2,300 sq. ft.). The median home price in the Denver metro area as a whole is around $230,000 (and that includes ritzy areas like Cherry Hills where people like Pat Bowlen, Elway and Shanahan have their houses). From what HTG has told me, home prices are pretty expensive here in relation to Pittsburgh, but they're not so bad compared to places like New York or California. I'd say nationally speaking, we're about the middle of the road pricewise, from what I've seen and heard.
Very cool brother!!!!!!

No more hotels when I'm in Denver!!!!! WhooooooHooooo!!!!! (You wont even know I'm there...I will be sending a pm with my food reguests and how much starch I like in my shorts)
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