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Default Re: Congratulations fansince'76!

Originally Posted by Texasteel View Post
Congratulation partner. Is this your first house. Now comes the fun part, THE LAWN!
Yep, first house and it's got a BIG yard. Considering how dry Colorado is in general, I am thinking about xeriscaping the whole thing at some point, but that costs $$$$$, and I'm going to be light on that for a while due to all the expenses of moving. But I anticipate staying put for a LONG time, so there's time for that. And the previous owner was nice enough to leave a gas-powered lawn mower behind.

Originally Posted by 43Hitman View Post
Congrats man! Here's to many happy years in your new castle.

Are you the king of your castle?(Seinfeld reference)
Yep, I'm "lord of the manor."

Originally Posted by devilsdancefloor View Post
congrads! welcome to lawn care, being a electrician, plumber and carpenter!
Actually, my father turned me on to this company that provides "home warrantys." For a $600 premium per year, if anything, and I mean ANYTHING, needs repaired, they will send a qualified professional for the job to your home and perform the repair for a $55 service fee. My father got what would have been a $600-$700 repair job done on his garbage disposal for $55 that way. And I'll need it as I'm not handy.

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
Very cool brother!!!!!!

No more hotels when I'm in Denver!!!!! WhooooooHooooo!!!!! (You wont even know I'm there...I will be sending a pm with my food reguests and how much starch I like in my shorts)
I'll have a tent pitched in the back yard for ya!

Thanks, everyone!
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