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Originally Posted by Psyychoward86 View Post
uh, ok, 2-3 games is just a a dumb insult to the Lions. They have some talent here and there and the schedule isnt too hefty. Probably 6 wins is a good ballpark estimate. More isnt out of question.
so tell us what games they're most likely to win ....remember the other shitty teams added "talent" as well. thier season most likely hinges on a rookie qb, that i didn't find to be all that impressive in college. not to mention an entirely new coaching staff and system. but as 76 eluded to, in this nfl anyone can do a 360.

* Sun 9/13 at New Orleans 1:00 pm
* Sun 9/20 Minnesota 1:00 pm
* Sun 9/27 Washington 1:00 pm
* Sun 10/4 at Chicago 1:00 pm
* Sun 10/11 Pittsburgh 1:00 pm
* Sun 10/18 at Green Bay 1:00 pm
* bye
* Sun 11/1 St. Louis 1:00 pm
* Sun 11/8 at Seattle 4:05 pm
* Sun 11/15 at Minnesota 1:00 pm
* Sun 11/22 Cleveland 1:00 pm
* Thu 11/26 Green Bay 12:30 pm
* Sun 12/6 at Cincinnati 1:00 pm
* Sun 12/13 at Baltimore 1:00 pm
* Sun 12/20 Arizona 1:00 pm
* Sun 12/27 at San Francisco 4:05 pm
* Sun 1/3 Chicago 1:00 pm

this guy sums it up pretty well, as to why the lions will continue to be bottom feeders despite the few upgrades they may have made....
Other than quarterback, left tackle is the most important position on the field; you can't win if you don't protect your quarterback.

The incumbent player at that position is Jeff Backus, a sieve of all sieves who has given up 9.5, 15.5 and 9.25 sacks in the past three years. And if that wasn't bad enough, Backus had been whistled for 27 penalties in that span, a pretty embarrassing number.

Backus would be less of a liability at guard, so it made all the sense in the world for the Lions to draft Michael Oher at No. 20 or William Beatty at No. 33. Unfortunately, they opted for positions of lesser importance, while the Giants and Ravens, two of the more successful organizations in the NFL, came away with the two tackles.

With Backus penciled in on the blind side, the Lions have all but guaranteed themselves one of the worst pass protection schemes in the league. Right tackle Gosder Cherilus was horrific in 13 starts, surrendering six sacks and getting called for eight penalties. Cherilus will have to hold off the newly acquired Jon Jansen, who really struggled with the Redskins last year.
Looking at the top of the page, it's evident that the Lions made numerous acquisitions this offseason, but did they do enough positive things to vastly improve their pathetic stop unit?

In terms of stopping the run, I'd say no. There's still a huge void at defensive tackle. The Lions attempted to fill it with the 6-2, 345-pound Grady Jackson. However, Jackson, who turned 36 in January, really struggled with the Falcons last year. And it gets worse - there's a good chance Jackson will be suspended for the first four games of the season for taking StarCaps. Detroit also drafted the 330-pound Sammie Lee Hill in the fourth round, but there's no telling if he's going to pan out.
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