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Default Re: Lions' Chances

is curry, northcut,and johnson, really upgrades over williams, furry, and macdonald ? me it seems like they traded 3 average receivers for 3 average more expensive receivers (3 yrs 9 mill for johnson ??? )....although they did give the idiot jones the shaft on the williams trade....
Veteran Additions:
RB Maurice Morris, WR Dennis Northcutt, WR Ronald Curry, WR Bryant Johnson, TE Will Heller, OT Daniel Loper, OT Jon Jansen, DE Jason Hunter, DT Grady Jackson, OLB Julian Peterson, ILB Larry Foote, ILB Cody Spencer, CB Phillip Buchanon, CB Eric King, CB/S Anthony Henry, S Marquand Manuel.
Draft Picks:
QB Matt Stafford, TE Brandon Pettigrew, FS Louis Delmas, LB DeAndre Levy, WR Derrick Williams, DT Sammie Lee Hill, RB Aaron Brown, OT Lydon Murtha, OLB Zack Follett, TE Dan Gronkowski.
Offseason Losses:
QB Jon Kitna, QB Dan Orlovsky, QB Drew Henson, RB Rudi Johnson, FB Moran Norris, FB Jon Bradley, WR Shaun McDonald, WR Mike Furrey, TE Dan Campbell, TE Michael Gaines, TE John Owens, OT George Foster, OT Junius Coston, OT Jon Dunn, G Edwin Mulitalo, C Andy McCollum, DE Corey Smith, DT Cory Redding DT Shaun Cody, DT Langston Moore, OLB Ryan Nece, OLB Alex Lewis, ILB Paris Lenon, CB Leigh Bodden, CB Travis Fisher, CB Stanley Wilson, S Dwight Smith.
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