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Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
is curry, northcut,and johnson, really upgrades over williams, furry, and macdonald ? me it seems like they traded 3 average receivers for 3 average more expensive receivers (3 yrs 9 mill for johnson ??? )....although they did give the idiot jones the shaft on the williams trade....
I do think they're moving in the right direction as far as turning over the roster, getting rid of the overpaid Cory Redding, the over-the-hill veterans (Mike Furrey, Dan Campbell, George Foster, Andy McCollum, Travis Fisher, Dwight Smith), and the never-have-beens (Shaun Cody, Dan Orlovsky, Drew Henson).

Not to mention they won't have Jon "the voice of God" Kitna starting behind center anymore.

I'm not really sold on their draft picks yet, but I think the general infusion of youth into the lions alone will win them a couple of games. Right now I would put them down for 4-12.
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