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Default Re: Convicted murderer arrested in Steve McNairs death

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
so by your reasoning, battered women should get the blame for being beat up by thier man.... i mean it was thier decision to be with them.....
That's NOT what she's saying here, MOP. Sue said . . .

In the end, the blame lies on McNair himself. Nobody deserves to die for mistakes, but his own decisions and lack of judgement put him a bad situation. My heart goes out to his wife and kids.
McNair didn't deserve to die by any stretch of the imagination, but sadly, when you play with fire, you sometimes end up getting burned. It was McNair's decision to play footsie with this young kook and it ended up costing him not only his life, but cost one woman her husband and 4 young children their father.

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