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Default Re: Convicted murderer arrested in Steve McNairs death

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
That's NOT what she's saying here, MOP. Sue said . . .

McNair didn't deserve to die by any stretch of the imagination, but sadly, when you play with fire, you sometimes end up getting burned. It was McNair's decision to play footsie with this young kook and it ended up costing him not only his life, but cost one woman her husband and 4 young children their father.
Ah, but she did say that the blame resided fully on Steve McNair. It reminds me of what the Bluegrass Rape and Crisis Center always lectured to us in our crisis counselor training. The blame is never on the victim...even if they did make the decision to put themselves at risk by drinking copious amounts, going to parties alone, and dressing scantily clad, they're still not the ones at fault. Of course, that's dealing with a whole 'nother animal, rape instead of murder.

Anyhow, McNair may have made some mistakes but that still doesn't make his death any more deserved or any less tragic. I can't attest to his true character and I assume neither can anyone else on this board, so why don't we just stick to what we know him as: a hell of a football player who will be sorely missed.
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